Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

The Government has recently advised the public to stay at home, and for dentists to avoid aerosol-generating treatments. In practical terms, this is most of the things that we would do. In view of this, we are cancelling all routine check-up and treatment appointments for the foreseeable future.

We are operating on an emergency-only basis on weekday mornings. Without high-protection PPE, this does put our staff and patients at some degree of risk.

If you have an urgent need for treatment and no-one in your household is symptomatic, please call 01784 253140 as early as possible in the morning for us to triage you and offer advice or an appointment if necessary.


The patient examination, or check-up, is carried out at the patient's first visit and at subsequent intervals to monitor the patient's oral health and check for changes.

First of all, the dentist will want to know if there is any medical condition or prescribed medication that needs to be considered. Next, he and the patient have a short discussion to communicate if there are any particular concerns or problems that the patient would like checked.

The dentist will carefully check the teeth and any existing restorations, assess the gums using a special probe and examine other soft tissues around the mouth. He would be looking for signs of tooth decay, gum disease and other diseases.

Once this is complete, he will report his findings and explain what may need to be done and any options the patient may like to consider. If no treatment is required, a suggestion for the timing of the next examination appointment, e.g. in six months or a year, will be made.

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