Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

The Government recently announced that dentists could reopen from 8th June. For the majority of practices, including ours, this was unreasonably short notice. We reopened to patients from 1 July but are only able to do the most simple treatments at present.

At first, we need to prioritise appointments for people who have been having problems over the last few months as our first priority, and those with outstanding treatment from before lockdown. If you have a scheduled check-up in the near future, it is likely that we will cancel this to free up time for more urgent cases and we hope that you will contact us again in a few months time to reschedule that appointment. You can find more information in this article.

If you have an urgent problem, please call 01784 253140 to speak to our reception staff so that we can offer advice or an appointment as necessary.

Updated 7 July 2020

Quality Assurance Statement

Cornerhouse Dental Practice is pleased to advise all our patients that we have in place an ongoing Quality Assurance Program in accordance with the recommendations from the British Dental Association, The General Dental Council and the Health and Safety Executive.

We have in place a system of protocols and procedures to ensure:

  • All dental care is of a consistent and high quality
  • Effective measures of infection control are in use
  • All legal requirements relating to health and safety in the work place are satisfied
  • All legal requirements relating to radiological protection are in place
  • The requirements of the General Dental Council in respect of the continuing professional development of dentists are satisfied