Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

The Government has recently announced that dentists can reopen from 8th June. We are in the process of preparing for our reopening but are not yet able to offer appointments. When we do open, we will need to prioritise appointments for people who have been having problems over the last few months. It will not be 'business as usual'.

In the meantime, we are continuing to offer telephone triage during our normal working times. If you have an urgent problem, please call 01784 253140 and follow the instructions on there for us to triage you and offer advice or help as necessary.

New Website

So work on the new website is coming along well.

The basic structure and theming is pretty well all in place now and it appears to be functioning as expected. It remains for me to format the feedback page to something more even and rebuild the Facebook and Twitter links.
Also, how best to classify and display treatment information pages and add the main menu link for that.

Still looks ok for a few days work... :)